Stargazing India

1st Photograph of Establishment

Our Journey starts from 1991

The journey of our team has been started from 1991 by Mr. Narendra Gor. Since 1991 Kutch Amateur Astronomers Club which is transformed in to Stargazing India latter on, has organized a series of an events on sky observation, scheduled time at various place of Kachchh. Team Stargazing India is delivering expert lectures in school and colleges of Kachchh. Even Stargazing India is organizing special workshops and seminars for NGOs, specific societies and for tourists. Chronology of development of club is mention in table below. 

Most Important Events by our Team

            Every year we are organizing public & students awareness events related to astronomy like lunar & Partial Solar Eclipses, Comet observation, meteor showers, asteroids observation and occultation, sun spots observation, occultation, road side astronomy, oppositions, Astro-Photography workshops planetary transits, ISS passes, satellite passes, messier marathon, stargazing events and much more. 

With Hon. PM of India

With Hon. PM of India

Setting up Telescope in White Rann of Kachchh

Providing Site Seen Facility & Information about Kachchh & White Rann

With Indian Astronomers at Delhi

Stargazing Activity for Defense Persons

Early Morning Road Side Astronomy Activity

Day Time Astronomy Activity for School Students

Lectures on Geographical Astronomy

Lunar Eclipse Observation through Giant Telescope

Lunar Eclipse Photograph through Giant Telescope

Astro Fest - 1.0 At Ahmedabad with Ankur Hobby Center

Bapu Khagol Mela Event at Porbandar with Nehru Science Center - New Delhi

Look a like Gandhiji at Gandhi Khagol Mela - Porbandar

Look a Like Modiji At Gandhi Khagol Mela - Porbandar

Air Force School - Porbandar Celebration of Astronomy

Something About How we Work with Students

Astronomy Teaches us to Look Up, Above and in Broad Way & Best Way to Protect Our Mother Earth. 

Astronomy has been an invaluable attraction to the human since birth. And he never fails to see the sky whenever he gets the chance. In the sky of City, the sky that our ancestors dreamed of has also brought about a dream. At this time, Kachchh is still an area where the stars can be entertained. All the people, belonging to any community, who come to runn-utsav, do not pay to see the sky of Kachchh in their memories. With this, today's age is the age of knowledge. The youth who come here get various knowledge about the universe through internet and enlightening TV channels but they do not get a chance to see the sky under the open sky and even when they have any questions they do not get proper answers. At that time, our team is looking at the sky in a way that makes sense to all of these classes, and with the telescope and the eyes of the sky are watching with their own eyes.

When the desert festival started by the government of Gujarat during the year 2008-2009, Stargazing India's Narendra Gor "Sagar" proposed to give the administrative system a sky view, and with the intention of getting people something new and renewed, the then Collector of that time approved this Astro Tourism. A new window has opened, which is still a wonderful pleasure for the tourists coming to Kachchh. Upcoming tourists are guided into the sky by telescopes and other instruments with detailed understanding from scholars who have been taken advantage of by thousands of tourists till date. The importance of this matter was noticed by the tourism corporation and the various units handling the arrangements for the desert festival, as the response from the early tourists was overwhelming. Our visionary Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi (the then Chief Minister of Gujarat) has also mentioned many times in his speeches, "Just as you have the beauty of full Moon’s night here, it is a wonderful beauty to come here as well as the night of the Dark night" (Addressing Reference December 2008, Also stated this many times.) (Reference December 2007 address. In addition, this has been said many times.) 

Now Question is Why KACHCHH ( KUTCH ) is that much preferable to do this kind of Activities?

Kachchh ( Kutch ) is situated between 22:24 to 22:41 North Latitude and 68:09 to 71:54 East Longitude, so Tropic of Cancer is passing though center of Kachchh. Atmosphere of Kachchh is almost Dry, Clean & Clear as per dream wish of all Astronomers' around the World. Surprisingly we have much more clear sky that allows you to see 6.0 Magnitude stars with bare eyes and without any kind of instruments. Here we are able to see defused objects like Milky-way, Nebulaes, Clusters, Galaxies, Messier Objects, NGC Objects and many more feathers of wonderful Universe without any instruments, so with telescope & proper guidance of experts can help more to explore most exciting wonderful universe for human being.

A Place where we can see 360 Degree Horizon & Light less open Sky...

In the whole world, we have very few places where we are able to see 360 Degree open horizon sky, Kachchh is One of that kind of place, with very less Light Pollution. Most of Astronomy World is fighting with Light Pollution and increasing Structural world that restricts 360 degree clear horizon. we in Kutch are very lucky that still we have some places where we get  360 degree open and clear horizon without any natural or man made obstacles.